Project summary

What we're doing

The Claudelands Road/Grey Street intersection, through to the Heaphy Terrace/O’Neill Street/Brooklyn Road intersection, has been identified as a high safety risk area, particularly for people who walk or bike.

We will be soon starting upgrade works for these intersections, including improving pedestrian and biking facilities, installing traffic calming measures, road resurfacing, and adjustments to traffic signals. To improve safety in the area, we will also be implementing a no right turn when travelling northbound from Grey Street into Claudelands Road.

Why we're doing it

As Hamilton grows, our roads are getting busier – so it’s important that we improve safety and connections across key areas of our city for road users of all types.

Despite being high-risk, this area provides an important link to the wider walking and biking network and is a critical part of the road network into and out of the central city.

These upgrade works will help improve safety for all road users who travel through this busy area – no matter how they choose to travel.

It will also improve the road surface through the area and upgrade the traffic light signals to bring the Claudelands intersections onto the same system as the rest of the city.

This project will

  • Make the Claudelands East area safer for all road users

  • Bring the area’s traffic lights onto the same system as the rest of the city

  • Provide an important link for the city’s walking and biking networks

Project features

  • CESU A safer area for all

    A safer area for all

    As a key connecting point in our roading network, the Claudelands East intersection will become safer for all road users through traffic-calming measures and road resurfacing through the area.
  • CESU Connecting our networks

    Connecting our networks

    The Claudelands East intersection will provide links to shared walking and biking paths for people to enjoy and pave the way for future connections throughout our city as we continue to grow.
  • CESU Better intersection design

    Better intersection design

    Implementing a no right-hand turn into Claudelands Road from Grey Street travelling north, the intersection will become easier to navigate, streamlining the main flow of traffic from Grey Street turning right into Brooklyn Road.

Programme blueprint

Further to other Transport projects, the Claudelands East upgrade project is designed to prioritise safety on one of the city’s main routes for traffic as Hamilton Kirikiriroa grows. The road will support people getting around our city – including travelling into and out of the city centre – both now and in the future.

Here’s a 3D visualisation concept video of how the Claudelands East intersection will look once completed. Some elements are subject to change and may slightly differ from what you see here.

Claudelands flythrough thmb

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to do this work?

Council has an obligation to everyone to provide safe, efficient transport networks. This project will ensure a high-risk, busy intersection is made safer, as well as provide an important link through to other walking and biking networks throughout our city. It will improve the surface of the road for vehicles travelling through the intersections and bring the traffic lights onto the same system as the rest of the city.

Will the intersection be closed while construction work is happening?


We will be closing the intersection to vehicle traffic while construction work is underway. There will be marked detours in place for vehicle traffic, but residents and businesses will continue to have access to their properties. You’ll still be able to visit the local businesses in the area – you just won’t be able to drive straight through it.

Why can’t the intersection stay open?

While we could have kept the intersection open during these works, it would have extended the project by quite a long time. Rather than have the intersection under construction for 16-18 weeks, closing the intersection means we can get the works done much faster, and limit the timeframe to only four weeks.

Will the Claudelands Bridge also be closed?


As traffic won’t be able to get through the intersection at the north end of the bridge, we are also extending the closure to include the Claudelands Bridge. People on bikes, pedestrians, and others who can legally use footpaths will be able to continue to use the bridge – noting that they’ll need to stick to the footpaths while moving through the construction areas.

What is the speed limit through the site while this work is happening?

There will be no vehicles allowed through the work site, as it will be closed to traffic. As always, when travelling around the city, please keep a look out for and obey all temporary speed limit signage. These lower speed limits are in place for everyone’s safety, including the people working on our roads.

How is this project funded?

This project is joint funded by several areas: Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is partly funding the safety improvements, under Council’s low cost, low risk programme of works. Other funding will come from Council’s Biking and Micromobility Programme approved by the Infrastructure Operations Committee in December 2021, and the balance of funding is expected to come from central government’s Climate Emergency Respond Fund Transport Choices Package.


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Last updated 7 November 2022