Project Summary

What we’re doing

We’re working towards a low-emission transport system with more ways for people to move around the city.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is covering 90% of the cost for a suite of walking, biking and public transport upgrades that will help us reduce transport emissions and make it easier for people to move around the city.

Why we need to change gears

Until now, Hamilton Kirikiriroa has been geared towards one form of transport—cars—but this no longer works for the health of our community or our environment.

As the city keeps growing, it’s increasingly frustrating for those who drive—and it’s getting harder for people to travel any other way.

  • Hamilton’s biking network is like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Unsafe sections put people off riding. The more pieces we complete, the easier it will be for more people to jump on their bikes, which is a win for everyone.
  • Public transport needs to be a viable option for more people. Safer crossings, wider footpaths and upgraded bus stops will help make the bus service more accessible. Where in-lane bus stops are used, it will be easier for people to physically get on and off their bus. In-lane bus stops also help keep buses on time because they don’t get stuck waiting to merge back into traffic.
  • Transport in Hamilton currently makes up about 64% of the city’s total emissions. Under Council’s climate change strategy, Our Climate Future: Te Pae Tawhiti o Kirikiriroa, Hamilton aims to reduce its overall emissions by at least 30% by 2030.


These projects will

  • Reduce Hamilton’s transport emissions

  • Improve walkways, bike paths and bus services to connect the city

  • Improve the safety of our travel routes

Current projects

Hayes Paddock

Exciting changes are coming to the intersection of Jellicoe Drive and Plunket Terrace to make this a safer and more accessible neighbourhood for everyone. These changes will enhance Hayes Paddock’s reputation as Hamilton’s best walkable and recreational neighbourhood destination.

There are two sets of changes on the table for feedback: road layout options and a new community space.

What are the options?

Two new road layout options

Option one: cul-de-sac

  1. larger community space – 350m2
  2. no exit to Jellicoe Drive from Plunket Terrace (at this end)
  3. no left turn into Plunket from Jellicoe
  4. parking location changes.

Option two: one way exit

  1. smaller community space – 220m2
  2. right turn only from Plunket Terrace to Jellicoe Drive
  3. no left turn into Plunket from Jellicoe
  4. parking location changes.
New community space

The community space will be either 300m2 (if the cul-de-sac option is preferred) or 220m2 (if the one-way exit option is preferred).   

The space will belong to the entire community and not for exclusive use by any one group or business and will link to the Wellington St Beach and River walkway via a pedestrian crossing. The space might have furniture, planter boxes, native trees/plants, fun things to do – we are looking for ideas from you.

This is an opportunity to enhance this public space and give back to the community as safety improvements are made to the intersection for cars, buses, pedestrians and cyclists that use this area.


Why are we making these changes?

The Y-intersection of Plunket Terrace and Jellicoe Drive has safety and accessibility issues including U-turns on the intersection, poor visibility of pedestrians, and high entry speeds into Plunket Terrace.

The project will provide the following improvements:

  • a new community space outside Hayes Common Café
  • safe connections between the street, the beach, River path and playground
  • raised pedestrian crossings and new road markings
  • installation of wayfinding signage
  • bike parking.

The bus stop relocation and upgrade will also be happening when new toilet/changing facilities for the Wellington Beach are upgraded in 2024.

This project – Hayes Paddock improvements – is receiving a total of $3.2m from CERF to complete the work by June 2024.


Have your say

Feedback is open until 16 June.

Click here to find out more and to have your say

Horsham Downs Road upgrades

We’re planning to make some changes to Horsham Downs Road (between Thomas Road and Moonlight Drive) to make it safer and more convenient for people to walk, bike and bus through the Horsham Downs area.

What we’re planning to do


  • Move the bus stop from inside the shopping centre to Horsham Downs Road, and install in-lane bus stops on both sides of the road
  • Create an accessible platform for people waiting for the bus and install new bus shelters on both sides of the road
  • Build a bus stop at the side of the road for buses that arrive ahead of schedule and need to wait – this is called a timing stop
  • Install a new raised signalised crossing next to the alleyway through to Cranbrook Place to help people cross the road safely
  • Extend the shared path from Thomas Road to the new raised signalised crossing to improve connectivity for people walking, scootering, and biking
  • Widen the existing on-road bike lanes and install barriers to protect people on bikes from vehicles. 

Why are we making these changes?

In Kirikiriroa, only 47% of people agree that public transport is reliable. This is the lowest of eight surveyed cities – including Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. 

We know that people are more likely to use public transport if it’s reliable. We also have a responsibility to provide a reliable service for the members of our community who are legally, physically or financially unable to drive.

Because of this, we’re planning to shift the bus stop out of the shopping centre and onto Horsham Downs Road to make it more reliable. This includes installing in-lane bus stops to help keep buses running on time.

Horsham Downs Road has also been identified as a key connection in our biking and micro-mobility network plan from Rototuna to Chartwell. With many schools in the Rototuna area, we want to create a safe environment that gives kids the ability to travel freely and independently to school.

Want to provide feedback about this project? Contact us

Project background

Climate Emergency Response Fund

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is funding approximately 90% for the suite of projects. Their contribution is $33.2 million and Council will contribute an additional $3.8 million to bring the total package of projects to $37 million.

The Waka Kotahi funding comes from their Transport Choices programme which is part of the Government’s Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF). Transport Choices supports councils to begin immediate work to develop safer, greener and healthier travel options.

How the projects fit into our transport strategy

The projects have been chosen because they address some unsafe and difficult areas along key routes, opening our streets for more people.

Walking, cycling and public transport upgrades are a key part of the council’s strategy to make the city more accessible. Our transport strategy, Access Hamilton—Ara Kootuitui Kirikiriroa, has a strong focus on improving safety and connectivity between suburbs as well as reducing emissions and pollution.

The projects

Strategic biking and micro mobility

  • Bader Street – Te Awa to Waikato Hospital
  • Bike Parklets – Grey Street, St Andrews Shops, and Barton Street
  • Brooklyn Road
  • Claudelands East – Level Crossings
  • Claudelands Park
  • End of Trip Facilities - Bike and Scooter Parking
  • Gallagher Drive and Kahikatea Drive
  • Hall Street/Mill Street - between Kent Street and Victoria Street
  • Heaphy Terrace – Boundary Road to Brooklyn Road
  • Killarney Road – Greenwood Street to Western Rail Trail
  • Killarney Road – Level Crossing
  • Killarney Road – Queens Avenue to Western Rail Trail
  • Lake Domain to Western Rail Trail
  • Rifle Range Road – Massey Street to Avalon Drive
  • Riverlea connections
  • Western Rail Trail to Frankton Station

Public transport

  • Anglesea Street (south)
  • Bus shelter replacements
  • Horsham Downs Road
  • Hukanui Road
  • Hyde Avenue
  • Lake Road/Commerce Street roundabout
  • Pembroke Street
  • Rotokauri Road/Baverstock Road
  • Thackeray Street

Walkable neighbourhoods

  • Hayes Paddock
  • River Road – Kirikiriroa Bridge to Comries Road
  • Tristram Street/Anzac Parade – Palmerston to Clarence Street


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Last updated 22 May 2023