Project summary

What we’re doing

We’re carrying out safety improvements works at the Grey Street/Naylor Street intersection. The works include:

  • installing raised crossings on each approach to the intersection to encourage safer speeds and provide pedestrians and people on bikes with a safe place to cross
  • widening footpaths to shared paths and providing new on/off bike ramps to make it easier for people walking and biking through the intersection
  • removing the left slip lane from Naylor Street onto Grey Street

Work is expected to take about seven weeks to complete, weather dependent.

Why we’re doing it

Hamilton has adopted a ‘Vision Zero’ philosophy for road safety where our goal is to have no loss of life or serious injury while moving around Hamilton Kirikiriroa. It is our responsibility to protect our community and minimise harm to people when mistakes are made on our streets. By putting people at the heart of our transport decision-making we are creating streets where everyone is safe and feels safe no matter how they want to move around our city. This also supports our transport strategy, Access Hamilton – Ara Kootuitui Kirikiriroa, which aims to enable everyone to connect to people and places in safe, accessible, and smart ways. 

This project will

  • Make this intersection safer for all road users

  • Provide safer walking and biking connections

  • Helps us towards our 'Vision Zero' goal for road safety


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Last updated 16 February 2024