Project summary

What we're doing

We're currently trialling changes to the street layout around Hukanui School.

At the end of Term 2 in late June 2023, the project team will assess the success of the trial and determine what steps will be taken next. We will provide an update to the community closer to the time.

Email or phone 07 838 6699 if you would like to provide feedback during the trial or discuss the trial changes with the project team.

Why we're doing it

We've had feedback from Hukanui Primary School and local residents that the current street layout doesn't work during drop-off and pick-up times for children. There is the potential for this problem to become worse with increased housing development in the neighbourhood.

This project supports Council's vision as part of our transport strategy, Access Hamilton Ara Kootuitui Kirikiriroa, where everyone is safe and feels safe while using our streets and public spaces.

This project will

  • Create a safer environment for the neighbourhood

  • Make it easier to drop-off and pick-up children

  • Improve the flow of traffic

Project features

  • One way drop-off and pick-up

    We're implementing a one-way drop off and pick-up zone within the Pickering Crescent cul-de-sac to enable caregivers to enter/exit the zone safely and quickly. This will be supported by a new play and waiting area.
  • Removal of right turn movements

    We're installing signage and infrastructure to prevent right turns into and out of the Pickering Crescent cul-de-sac to improve the flow of traffic.
  • Physical lane barriers

    We're installing lane separators and flexi posts on Pickering Crescent and Rutherford Street to minimise unsafe driving behaviours.

Project blueprint

Hukanui safety improvements Project Design

Frequently asked questions

How long will the trial be for?

The intent is for the new street layout to be in place for at least two months once installation has been completed. An assessment will then be completed to determine next steps – feedback from the community will be considered as part of this process. The trial layout will remain in place while the assessment is completed.

What might the outcomes be at the end of the trial?

No options are off the table. We could decide to extend the trial further – either as it is or with further tweaks. We could choose to end the trial if it isn’t working. Or we could declare the trial a success and take the next steps towards installing permanent changes.


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Last updated 17 April 2023