Project summary

What we're doing

We’re making improvements to roading and bike paths in the area, including the construction of roundabouts at both the intersections of Darjon Drive and Puketaha Road.

Why we're doing it

We want to improve access and safety for all road users, people on bikes, and pedestrians on main routes through the Huntington and St James area.

This project will

  • Support the lower speed limit in the area

  • Create safer connections for cyclists and pedestrians

  • Make cycling more appealing

Project features

  • Places human wellbeing at the…

    Our improvements in the Huntington and St James area are part of our work with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to achieve the National Road to Zero strategy.
  • Improve safety for everyone

    The changes will encourage lower speeds and encourage drivers to slow down and look for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.
  • Encouraging active transport

    Improved bike paths will better enable people to move around our city in an active way.

Gordonton Road/Darjon Drive

We’re planning to upgrade this intersection to a three-legged roundabout. This will improve safety for people entering and exiting Darjon Place and encourage drivers to slow down and look for pedestrians and people on bikes. This work is part of Waka Kotahi NZ Agency's National Road to Zero strategy and is expected to start in October 2022.

Darjon design
Finalised work Huntington map JPG April 2021

Gordonton Road/Puketaha Road

We will upgrade this intersection to a four-legged roundabout to help improve traffic flows in and out of Puketaha Road and slow down vehicles travelling along Gordonton Road. This will provide direct access to St James Drive from Gordonton Road for residents and improve public transport routes in the area. New pedestrian crossing facilities on St James Drive and Gordonton Road north will help keep pedestrians and people on bikes safe and connected. We agreed to fast-track this work as part of our 2021-31 Long-Term Plan.

We've also installed raised safety platforms in the area to create safer places for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road. These platforms are at key locations between Wairere Drive and Thomas Road, connecting with the Mangaiti Gully Bridge and the shared off-road path through the park. This also supports a speed limit change from 50km/h to 40km/h in the area, which took effect on 5 April 2021.


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Last updated 16 July 2022