Project summary

What we're doing

We're making improvements to the Tristram Street and Collingwood Street roundabout in the central city.

These works are planned to start in November 2022 and are expected to be completed before the new ACC building opens in early 2023.

The majority of works on Tristram Street will take place at night while there's less traffic on the road.

Why we're doing it

This project supports Council's Vision Zero goal where we will not accept any deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

Council is also committed to investing in other core infrastructure renewals like water and storm water. Completing the watermain installation and safety improvements at the same time ensures we dig once to minimise impacts to residents and businesses. 

This project will

  • Make the intersection safer for all road users

  • Provide an important link for the city's walking and biking networks

  • Help to renew a core part of our city's infrastructure

Project features

  • Raised crossings

    We're installing raised zebra crossings and cycle crossings to make it safer for pedestrians and people on bikes or scooters crossing Tristram Street. 
  • Upgrading footpaths

    We'll be upgrading the footpaths on Tristram Street (between Ward Street and Thackeray Street) to improve the cycle network and make it safer for everyone using our paths.
  • Watermain upgrades

    While these works are happening, we'll be taking the opportunity to upgrade the watermain underneath the intersection to help renew a core part of our city's infrastructure.

Project blueprint

Map showing the work area for the Tristram Street/Collingwood Street roundabout upgrades

Frequently asked questions

Why are you doing these works?

About 20,000 vehicles drive through this intersection each day. Once the ACC building is complete, we’re expecting an increase in pedestrian and biking/scootering movements too. To help keep everyone safe, we’re upgrading the intersection so people can cross the road safely.

Will you be closing the intersection for these works?

The majority of works on Tristram Street will take place at night while there’s less traffic on the road under stop/go and some lane closures. Some daytime works will take place while working on Collingwood Street and on the footpaths. We don’t expect to close the road for long periods of time or during peak hours.

Are you installing speed bumps?

Safety improvements include installing raised pedestrian crossings at each approach to the roundabout. The purpose of these is to encourage drivers to slow down and give way to people crossing the road. We’re also installing shared paths to help keep pedestrians and people on bikes safe.

How long will these works take to complete?

Most of the works will take place from early November until Christmas. The team will then return in mid/late January 2023 to finish any minor works and water connections.

Is this project in isolation or are you doing more work in the area?

This project is part of our low cost, low risk programme to improve existing facilities and make the intersection safer for all users. It also supports Councils Vision Zero goal which aims to achieve zero deaths or serious injuries on our roads. The works will also extend the biking and pedestrian network to connect with the Western Rail Trail.


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Last updated 9 November 2022