Project summary

This intersection has a high crash history with 31 recorded crashes in the past 10 years, resulting in 14 people sustaining injuries and two people being seriously injured. With four traffic lanes and a posted speed limit of 60km/h, it is difficult for pedestrians and bus passengers who need to cross the street. The existing bus stops on this section of road also don’t provide shelter, make it hard for people with disabilities to get on/off the bus and create delays for the high frequency Comet bus service.

The proposed changes aim to create a calmer street environment that will reduce the risk and severity of crashes, improve pedestrian access to key community destinations including schools, kindergartens, motels, dairies and FMG Stadium Waikato, and provide a more comfortable and reliable experience for bus passengers.

What we’re planning to do:

  • install a raised crossing with traffic lights on Ulster Street in front of the Ulster Street Superette
  • create a central median island on Ulster Street at the intersection with Abbotsford Street to prevent high-risk right-turning movements at the intersection
  • install raised priority crossings for people walking and biking on both sides of Abbotsford Street
  • install in-lane bus stops outside 222 and 231 Ulster Street
  • remove the bus stops outside 194, 243 and 250 Ulster Street and replace with yellow ‘no stopping’ lines
  • install bus stop islands and bus shelters outside 222 and 231 Ulster Street
  • widen the footpath to a shared path at the intersection of Ulster Street and Abbotsford Street to create a safer space for people walking and biking
  • install ramps to enable people on bikes to safely move between the existing bike lanes and new shared paths on Ulster Street and Abbotsford Street.

Please refer to the designs below for more detail about the planned changes.

How to contact us?

Please let us know if you have any questions about the planned upgrade or suggestions you would like us to consider. You can contact the project team by emailing or calling 07 838 6699. Please quote Ulster/Abbotsford Intersection TP4720 when providing your feedback. We ask that you provide feedback before 5pm, Tuesday 21 November 2023.

What happens next?

Staff will review feedback received to determine if any changes should be made to the planned upgrade. A report will then be prepared for the Traffic, Speed Limit and Road Closure Hearings Panel in early 2024 where elected members will make a decision about the project.

Why is this important?

Hamilton City has adopted a ‘Vision Zero’ philosophy for road safety where our goal is to have no loss of life or serious injury while moving around Hamilton Kirikiriroa. It is our responsibility to protect our community and minimise harm to people when mistakes are made on our streets. By putting people at the heart of our transport decision making we are creating streets where everyone is safe and feels safe no matter how they want to move around our city. This supports our transport strategy, Access Hamilton – Ara Kootuitui Kirikiriroa, which aims to enable everyone to connect to people and places in safe, accessible, and smart ways.


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Last updated 7 November 2023