Project summary

What we're doing

This $16.5 million upgrade carried out by Waipa Civil will consist of constructing and installing water mains (pipelines) around the Dinsdale area and an upgrade of the water pump station on Newcastle Road.

During construction, traffic delays and disruptions are possible, but no road closures are expected.

We also may need to shut down water supply for a short period of time, which will affect water pressure in the area, however we will inform affected residents if this is expected to take place. A number of streets will be affected by the work, which will be done in stages between September 2021 and April 2023.

Why we're doing it

We’re making sure we can provide essential water services for Hamiltonians now and in the future. This upgrade work will allow us to better manage the water supply and detect leaks.

This project will

  • Better manage our water supply

  • Enable leak detection to save water

  • Modernise our water network

Project features

  • $16.5 million

    A major investment in Dinsdale’s water infrastructure.
  • Expanding our network

    New pipelines will expand and modernise our water network.
  • Future-proofing

    The upgraded pump station provides consistent supply now, and allows for future growth.

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Planning


    The $16.5 million Newcastle Water Supply Upgrades project was funded in the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan.
  • Stage 2 - Underway

    September 2021

    Work began to construct and install new water mains and upgrade the pump station.
  • Stage 3 - Completed

    April 2023

    Project construction is due to be complete.

Why were these upgrades to the water network in Dinsdale necessary?

These improvements will help us account for Hamilton’s growth and improve the capacity and resilience of our city’s water supply. By investing in this upgrade, Council will increase the efficiency of the Newcastle Reservoir, and lessen our reliance on the system’s pump stations. This will greatly reduce the electricity we will need to use to operate the system.

We’re not just making a better, more resilient water supply - we’ll also save money in the long run, reducing our energy use and carbon footprint.

How can I find out if my water supply will be disrupted during construction?

We will do our best to ensure your water supply is continuous, however from time to time short shutdowns may need to happen. We’ll let residents know well ahead of time when these will happen, how long the shutdown is expected to last, and we’ll minimise the frequency, time and impact of these as much as we can.


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Last updated 6 July 2022