Project summary

What we’re doing

Council has a responsibility to collect, transfer, treat and dispose of Hamilton's wastewater from homes and business while providing a wastewater treatment plant that meets the needs of a growing city and incorporates environmental sustainability.

Hamilton has one wastewater treatment facility: Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant. As part of our commitment to improving Hamilton's liveability through upgrading the assets we have, we’re carrying out an upgrade to the plant.

Construction on the Pukete 3 upgrade began in October 2018.

Why we’re doing it

The upgraded plant will provide for the quality, capacity, and security of Hamilton's wastewater treatment for the next 30 years. This project is expected to be complete by late-2024.

This project will

  • Ensure our wastewater system for the next 30 years

  • Enable increased use of the plant as we grow

  • Incorporate effective environmental sustainability

Project features

  • One centralised wastewater…

    Pukete is a powerhouse that treats the wastewater of our entire city – making it essential to maintain, upgrade, and future-proof.
  • 120+ pump stations

    Pukete connects to more than 120 pump stations city wide, with more coming on the grid as our city grows.
  • 800km+ of pipework

    A growing network of 800km+ of pipework links the entire Hamilton wastewater system.

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Underway

    October 2018

    Construction commenced.
  • Stage 2 - Completed


    The upgraded Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant will be in operation.

Frequently asked questions

Can the public visit the Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant?

We’ve paused tours at our Water Treatment Plant for the moment, but we plan to reinstate them in the future. The tour explains the water treatment processes and provides a general overview of Hamilton’s water network. To register your interest, contact our team via 07 838 6699, or email

Will the upgraded plant impact those who live or work nearby?

The plant upgrades may impact the neighbouring Hamilton Mountain Biking Club, but we continue to work with them and schedule works and club events around each other. Some people in the nearby Pukete and Flagstaff communities may get occasional noise or odour, depending on wind direction. We apologise for any disruption this might cause.

What is Council’s long-term plan for Hamilton wastewater beyond the next 10 years?

By investing in this upgrade, we’re aiming to future-proof our essential wastewater services for 30+ years. We are improving the plant and the city’s water networks to meet the current and future needs of all Hamiltonians. The upgrade of the Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant will allow us to treat wastewater to even higher standards than we are now, which will provide for our communities well beyond the next 10 years.


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Last updated 26 February 2024