Project summary

What we're doing 

We're planning some upgrades to a section of Peacockes Road to help bring it up to the standard of an urban road.

The upgrade is budgeted to cost $12.6 million. Peacocke is being built with the support of $290.4 million of the Government's Housing Infrastructure Fund, made up of a $180.3 million 10-year interest-free loan and $110.1 million of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency subsidies.

Construction timeframes will depend on the timing of the surrounding developments in the Peacocke area. ​​​​

Why we're doing it

To support the development of Peacocke, and make sure local roading is safe and appropriate for a residential area.

This project will

  • Make Peacockes Road safer for all

  • Enable the road to cater to a wider variety of users

  • Be an essential connection between Peacocke and the north and west

Project features

  • Suitable for a wider range

    As Peacocke develops, Peacockes Road will need to cater for pedestrians, people on bikes, buses, and more cars.
  • A key connection

    Peacockes Road will become a major thoroughfare through this new area and connect it to neighbouring areas to the north and south. 
  • Ready when Peacocke needs it

    Construction timeframes will complement the timing of the surrounding developments in the Peacocke area. ​​​​

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Completed

    Early 2022

    Detailed design and planning is complete, and we're searching for a construction partner.
  • Stage 2 - Planning

    Late 2022

    We'll start work on the road upgrade in sections along Peacockes Road.

Frequently asked questions

Will any transport diversions be in place during the upgrades?

As we progress the urban upgrade, we will need to close sections of the road to complete our work. We’ll let nearby residents and road users know about any upcoming road closures and alternative ways to move around Peacocke during the project.

How will the upgraded road impro

We’ll be widening the road to allow traffic to move safely, and we’ll be building new footpaths, kerbs and channels, and adding street lighting to make it safer for all.


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Last updated 25 July 2022