Programme summary

What we're doing

Our Rotokauri programme is providing infrastructure for sustainable expansion, and an attractive, welcoming neighbourhood.

The new Rotokauri greenway will provide strategic stormwater management. Roads in the area will be redesignated and new roads constructed. Both Baverstock Road and Rotokauri Road are now fully upgraded and urbanised with footpaths, street lighting, kerb and channel.

We’re planning public transport, walking, and biking infrastructure.

Why we're doing it

Hamilton needs room to grow, and Rotokauri is one of our focus areas for expansion and development. To do this, we need to provide enough infrastructure to support it.

Rotokauri is still largely undeveloped. Over the next few years we'll support residential and commercial development making Rotokauri a great place to live, work, play, and visit.

Where are we at?

  • Planning



    Work has begun at Rotokauri to support development in the coming years. 

Sonia Baker

Sonia Baker Programme Manager Greenfield Growth

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Last updated 19 July 2022