Project summary

What we're doing

As part of an ongoing focus to provide a safe, accessible and better-connected transport network in Rototuna, we’re connecting Borman Road from the Horsham Downs Road intersection to Kimbrae Drive.

We’ll also upgrade the Borman Road and Horsham Downs Road intersection to have traffic lights and upgrading parts of Horsham Downs Road and Borman Road to include shared paths to make it safer for everyone.

These works will transform the current rural road layout into an urban road that’s safer and for all road users, including pedestrians and people on bikes and scooters.

Why we're doing it

This project is the last piece of the puzzle to create a safer and better-connected neighbourhood in Rototuna – no matter how people choose to travel.

This project will

  • Extend the biking and pedestrian network in Rototuna

  • Make it safer for everyone - no matter how they choose to travel

  • Provide new connections for Rototuna residents

Project features

  • Broman Connection 2

    Borman Road connection

    The Borman Road connection involves building a new road and pathways. Most of these works are in green fields with little impact on the local roads. These works are expected to take two years to complete.
  • Intersection

    Intersection upgrade

    The Horsham Downs Road and Borman Road intersection upgrade involves installing traffic lights and street lighting. The entire intersection will also be raised to slow down approaching traffic to help keep everyone safe. 
  • Urban upgrades

    Urban road upgrades

    Works to upgrade the section of Borman Road from Barrington Drive to the Horsham Downs Road will involve upgrading it to an urban road with shared paths on both sides of the road. Pedestrian islands will also be installed.

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Planning


    Funding set aside from Councils 2021-31 Long Term Plan for the Borman Road extension. Contract awarded to Fulton Hogan in September 2022.
  • Stage 2 - Underway

    November 2022

    Construction of the Borman Road connection is under way and will take around two years to complete. 
  • Stage 3 - Completed

    Early 2025

    The Borman Road connection is complete.

Frequently asked questions

How is this project being funded?

These works are funded by Councils 2021-32 Long Term Plan and have been estimated to cost $22.23million, which includes delivering the most recently completed North Ridge Road upgrade and connection works.

Are the shops still open?

Yes, the Horsham Village shops and Borman Road Superette are still open and access has always been maintained for these businesses. These local shops need the support of the so if people have previously shopped there then they consider heading back to their local stores for their next purchase or outing.

Why are you doing these works?

This section of road has been designated since 2004 and is highly sort after by the Rototuna community. Once complete, it will improve connectivity and accessibility for people traveling to and from Rototuna Village and the school - no matter how they choose to travel.

The project also supports Council's Vision Zero goal: that we will achieve zero deaths and zero serious injuries on our roads and the Biking and Micro-mobility plan which aims to make it more convenient for Hamiltonians to choose active modes of transport to get around our city.

Why is it taking so long?

We’re not just replacing the road surface like other projects you might see around Hamilton. We’re taking rural roads and upgrading them to an urban standard for the surrounding community. Building new and upgrading roads is complex work that takes a lot longer than resurfacing or maintaining existing roads. We’re also installing essential services and pipes that needs to happen before the roads are built on top of them so the project has to be delivered in stages.

Can you work at night?

While there may be less traffic on the road at night, construction works using heavy machinery can disturb people in built-up and residential areas. The loudest equipment runs at about 110 decibels – similar to the noise of a loud rock music concert. In the city, there are noise level limits and time restrictions for when construction work can happen in residential areas. Vibrations and dust can also be created so major works mostly happens during the day when there are less people are at home.

What are you doing to finish faster?

Fulton Hogan and subcontractors are running multiple work crews at the same time to complete each stage as quickly as possible. Where possible, crews work on Saturday to progress work without causing disruptions to nearby residents.

While we’re able to work between 7am – 7pm on weekdays and 8am – 5pm on Saturday, we do have limits on how many hours people can work in a week. Our crews and contractors' wellbeing is important so we make sure they have proper breaks and are well rested before they come to work.

Will any roads need to be closed during these works?

Yes, some sections of road may be closed to through traffic at times to complete these works more efficiently and safely. Sections of Borman Road and Horsham Downs Road will be closed to through traffic during the project. Resident access will be kept at all times with a detour in place for through traffic.

Why are the roads closed?

People are at heart of our project. We need to close some sections of road and use traffic management controls to keep our crews and communities safe while we complete this project.

Using large and heavy machinery alongside complex work like installing underground pipes and moving power and internet cables requires the right amount of space and careful site management to complete our work while keeping everyone safe.

Will there be on-street parking on Borman Road?

Given the limited corridor space available to construct this infrastructure, Hamilton City Council has prioritised making it safer for people walking and biking by installing shared paths and on road cycle ways, this has come at the expense of on-street parking. We understand people currently park along the roadside berm however this area is not intended to be a carpark.


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Last updated 26 February 2024