Programme summary

What we're doing

Construction is under way to extend Resolution Drive, connecting Rototuna and surrounding suburbs to the Waikato Expressway. New shared paths beside Resolution Drive and a pedestrian underpass are also being constructed to create safe walking and biking connectivity in the area.

Why we're doing it

The increasing population of Rototuna requires better connectivity to the wider city, and more opportunities for safe walking and biking around their neighbourhood.

This project will

  • Connect Rototuna to the Waikato Expressway

  • Provide a safe underpass for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Extend the cycling and pedestrian network in Rototuna

Project features

  • Resolution drive extension

    Faster, better transport links

    The Resolution Drive connection will speed up travel time to the city centre from the northeastern suburbs.
  • Rototuna Village

    Connecting people to the village

    The pedestrian and cycling underpass will safely connect residential areas to the new Rototuna Village.
  • Biking

    More walking and cycling routes

    New shared paths will help grow safe walking and biking connections in the area.

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Planning

    2015 - 2021

    Resolution Drive extension approved, new intersection configuration decided and a new name for eastern Kay Road agreed upon.
  • Stage 2 - Underway

    January 2022

    The eastern side of Kay Road near North City Road has been temporarily closed to allow the team to construct the new intersection onto Resolution Drive. 
  • Stage 3 - Completed


    The east side of Kay Road will be renamed Ennion Rise. Resolution Drive and its new connection to Ennion Rise will open.

View from above

Travel the Resolution Drive extension in this aerial flyover from December 2021.

Resolution drive flyover video overlay

Frequently asked questions

Why didn't you build a roundabout at the intersection of Kay Road/Resolution Drive?

What the intersection would be, and its connectivity, were considered during the designation process in 2015. We took into consideration aspects like geometrics (road levels, terrain, and the fact Kay Road is a rural road). We also looked at the need to discourage short cuts through residential streets and keep traffic on safer and more appropriate roads (Borman Road and Resolution Drive). All these elements governed the final intersection configuration.

Will Kay Road be renamed?

The east side of Kay Road (Resolution Drive to Horsham Downs Road) will be renamed Ennion Rise. The west side of Kay Road (Resolution Drive to River Road) is to remain as Kay Road.

Can I still bike/walk along Kay Road?

Yes – but not inside the closure zone. The closure zone is an active work site and for health and safety reasons, access is not permitted. Walkers and people on bikes will need to follow alternative routes.


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Last updated 4 July 2022