Programme summary

What we're doing

We’re creating a welcoming community village at the heart of Rototuna with flexible, inviting, connected, and usable spaces for everyone.

Rototuna Village will be home to a library with community rooms and Council services, a village square with power for events, play and skate spaces, and safe ways to move within the village. The village will be well-connected to the rest of Hamilton through safe roading, public transport options, and shared pathways.

We’re coordinating with private developers who will deliver office and retail in the future, and we’re supporting an investment proposal for a commercial pool and fitness centre with community access.

Why we're doing it

The north-east of Hamilton is growing and the neighbourhood needs community facilities to provide for its growing population.

This project will

  • Provide a vibrant heart for the community

  • Become a place for work, relaxation and connection

  • Become a thriving, urban environment

Project features

  • Rototuna Library 807

    A new library

    Construction of Te Kete Aronui Rototuna Library has begun. Te Kete Aronui was one of the three baskets of knowledge collected by Taane in Maaori legend. This reflects the role of the library as a community space for learning and knowledge.
  • Rototuna Village Render 807

    People-friendly streets

    The Rototuna Village streets will be designed for the urban environment, safe and suitable for increased numbers of pedestrians, people on bikes, and public transport.
  • Rototuna TownCentre Concepts 807x538

    Open spaces

    Well-thought-out open spaces will be provided for play, events, gathering and relaxation. These will feel good, be safe, provide some shade and cater for all ages and abilities.

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Planning


    Funding set aside for the development of the Rototuna community facilities.
  • Stage 2 - Underway

    April 2022

    Construction of Te Kete Aronui Rototuna Library and the outside public spaces is under way and will take around 15 months to complete.
  • Stage 3 - Completed

    Mid 2023

    The development of Rototuna Village is complete.

Frequently asked questions

When will Rototuna Village be open?

We expect most Council facilities in Rototuna Village to be available for public use mid-2023. The pool, retail and office spaces are subject to the developers’ schedules and will be complete some time afterwards.

What parking facilities will be available?

Public parking will be provided with mobility parking spaces planned in convenient locations throughout the village. A car park immediately north of the library is dedicated for people who have higher mobility needs, including parents using pushchairs and older persons. Parking restrictions will apply to most car parks following Council consultation on this.

What sports and recreational facilities will be provided?

Rototuna Village will be home to play and skate spaces, a basketball area, and potentially a swimming pool and fitness centre. The village is also right next to Korikori Park, which is home to several sports fields and changing rooms.

How do I have my say on the village design?

Council started engagement with the community in early 2019, which looked at options for what facilities should go where in the village. Further community engagement was undertaken on the design in late-2020.


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Last updated 2 July 2022