Project summary

What we're doing

We built a 12-megalitre reservoir to supply drinking water to Ruakura and nearby Peachgrove. Work on the structure began in March 2019.

Why we're doing it

The reservoir is designed to help the city cater for growth in the Ruakura area. The development of Ruakura will provide homes for up to 4000 people over the next 30 years and create an economic hub delivering 6000 – 12,000 jobs.

This project will

  • Support residential and commercial development in Ruakura

  • Help create a sustainable Ruakura community

  • Provide essential drinking water to Ruakura

Project features

  • 12 megalitres of water

    Will supply drinking water to Ruakura and Peachgrove.
  • 46-metre diameter structure

    The reservoir took more than two years to construct. Its walls are 250mm thick
  • Critical infrastructure

    The reservoir is located behind Innovation Park and has a watertight roof to prevent rain water from mixing with treated water.


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Last updated 25 September 2023