Project summary

What we're doing

We’ve built a new section of Silverdale Road to connect with the upgraded Ruakura Road and link the logistics precinct of the Ruakura Superhub to the wider city and region. It also connects the Waikato Expressway to Ruakura and existing city roads.

Why we're doing it

We need to support major residential, commercial, and industrial development at Ruakura by providing key infrastructure that’s fit for purpose.

This project will

  • Better connect Ruakura to the Waikato Expressway

  • Improve safety for all road users

  • Support residential and commercial development in Ruakura

Project features

  • Ruakura Project Feature 1

    Roads for the future

    Ruakura will become home for up to 4000 Hamiltonians who will benefit from brand new, future-focused infrastructure such as new and upgraded roads.
  • Ruakura Project Feature 2

    Better connected

    We’re developing our local road network, creating better links to our expressway and the wider region.
  • Ruakura Project Feature 3

    Largest integrated development

    Serving New Zealand's largest integrated development. Upgraded roads will improve transport for residents and industry based in the remarkable Ruakura development.


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Last updated 25 September 2023