Our Vision for Hamilton Kirikiriroa

Everything we do is aimed at improving the wellbeing of Hamiltonians. Over the past two years we have been talking to you to understand what you love about Hamilton Kirikiriroa and what would make our city an even better place to be.

With people at the heart of everything we do, we've used this feedback to help create our vision and priorities for the next decade. These priorities reflect what you the community have said about what is important for you, your family and your neighbourhood.

These priorities have then been used to guide our 2021-31 Long-Term Plan. This plan sets out how we will deliver on our priorities for the next decade.

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Key Council Strategies

Access Hamilton​

Ara Kootuitui Kirikiriroa

The Access Hamilton Strategy - Ara Kootuitui Kirikiriroa - aims to meet the changing travel demands of the city. This transport strategy outlines the need for an inclusive, safe, and sustainable transport system that contributes to Hamilton’s strategic vision and achieves community outcomes in a way that aligns with national and regional objectives.

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Aquatics Strategy

This strategy focusses on the role of Hamilton City Council in the provision of aquatic facilities to help guide all future investment decisions made by Council in relation to aquatics.

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Our Climate Future

Te Pae Tawhiti o Kirikiriroa

For our city to thrive in the future, we need everyone to be ready for both the physical impacts of climate change and the transition to low-carbon living. This strategy outlines the priorities for our response and will guide the way we consider climate change in all we do.

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Connecting Communities: Our Venues and Spaces

The wellbeing of Hamiltonians is reliant on strong communities, with facilities and infrastructure available at a local level. This strategy relates to community houses and centres that are council-owned, leased and privately operated and focuses on council’s approach to renewals, maintenance, new facilities, accessibility and support to community groups.

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Community and Social Development Strategy

He Rautaki Whakawhanake Hapori

With people at the heart of everything we do, we are active in making our city an even better place to call home. This strategy has been created to outline to our partners the way Hamilton City Council’s Community and Social Development team can work with them to achieve our joint goals of improving the wellbeing of all Hamiltonians.

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Economic Development Agenda

The Economic Development Agenda sets out Council’s vision to work with the city’s business community and others to energise economic growth and strengthen Hamilton’s contribution to the New Zealand economy.

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Finance Strategy

This strategy is included within the Long Term Plan and outlines the approach to managing Council’s finances and provides guidance for making spending decisions.

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Hamilton City Libraries Strategy

Kia oho te mauri o Kirikiriroa

Hamilton City Libraries Strategy has a strong focus on biculturalism, equity of access to services, and community partnerships. The four outcome areas of Literacy and Learning; Culture and Community; Digital Inclusion; and Engaging Spaces will help guide our actions as we work towards achieving our vision.

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Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy (HUGS)

Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy guides where, when and how our city will grow over the next 50 years. It has a vision that Hamilton Kirikiriroa is the best place to live and work with connected, vibrant and prosperous communities.

The new strategy was adopted in April 2023, following public consultation in late-2022. 

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He Pou Manawa Ora - Pillars of Wellbeing

This strategy outlines Hamilton City Council's vision for a city that celebrates its special Maaori heritage, rich history, natural environmental wonders and ensures everyone has a voice in developing its future. 

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Housing Strategy

The Housing Strategy provides a vision and framework for Council to address housing need in Hamilton Kirikiriroa. It tackles a broad range of housing issues and is supported by short, medium and long-term actions to make it happen (Housing Action Plan).

The Housing Strategy sets our vision that every person in Hamilton Kirikiriroa is well-housed, living in sustainable, flourishing and connected communities – it is about making sure all Hamiltonians can live in good quality homes that they can afford.

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Infrastructure Strategy

The Infrastructure Strategy sets out the key opportunities and challenges for delivering on the priorities identified through “Our Vision for Hamilton – Kirikiriroa” and the infrastructure investments planned to meet them over the next 30 years. This strategy is included within the council’s LTP.

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Open Spaces Strategy

Papa Ahuareka o Kirikiriroa

Well-designed and functional open spaces help create the foundation for quality urban life and wellbeing by providing amenity, recreation and gathering spaces for the whole community. Our Open Spaces Strategy describes the desired future state of open spaces in Hamilton Kirikiriroa. It acknowledges the essential role open spaces will have in supporting the future wellbeing of the community. The purpose of the strategy describes Council's role in achieving this vision through the provision and management of open spaces. It also reflects through our inclusion of mana whenua, key partners, and community, that we will need to work collaboratively to do this.

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Nature in the City Strategy​

Nature – all living things including people and the ecological processes that sustain all living things – plays an essential role in our community's wellbeing. The Nature in the City Strategy sets a vision, goal and outcome areas for improving nature in Hamilton Kirikiriroa​

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Play Strategy

The Play Strategy is a vision for the next 20 years for impacting positively on the physical activity levels of people who live in or visit Hamilton city – it outlines the Council’s contribution towards play within the city.

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Transportation Procurement Strategy

The purpose of the Transportation Procurement Strategy is to demonstrate how Hamilton City Council will deliver its transportation programme while continuing to meet its requirements from the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (LTMA).

The LTMA requires ‘approved organisations’, which are recipients of National Land Transport Funds (NLTF) as managed by NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi, to use procurement procedures designed to obtain best value for money, enable fair competition, and encourage competitive and efficient markets. All ‘approved organisations’ are required to have a NZTA endorsed Procurement Strategy to apply for NLTF funding of transportation projects.

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