What is Our Climate Future?

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Without immediate, bold, and decisive action, we will continue to see the impacts intensify, and the world inherited by future generations will look increasingly different to the one we know today. Fortunately, there is still a window of opportunity for us to act.

This Strategy – Our Climate Future: Te Pae Tawhiti o Kirikiriroa – outlines the priorities for our response and will guide the way we consider climate change in all we do.

Here in Hamilton Kirikiriroa this means embracing low-carbon transport, focusing on sustainable urban intensification, and enabling our community to make low-carbon choices.

For our city to thrive in the future, we need everyone to be ready for both the physical impacts of climate change and the transition to low-carbon living. To do this, we must ensure that everyone is included in a fair and equitable transition. This means recognising the cultural, economic, and social differences within Hamilton’s communities; protecting Maaori concepts, values, and practices; and providing tailored support and opportunities so all Hamiltonians are able prosper.

Our vision

Hamilton Kirikiriroa is a thriving, low-carbon city that responds and adapts to climate change.

Our climate future

Delivering on our vision for Hamilton Kirikiriroa means:

  • By acting together, our emissions are reducing

  • Our neighbourhoods enable low-carbon living

  • Our city is ready for Hamilton’s climate

We are also committed to achieving our emissions reduction targets:



Turning point

By 2025 our city's emissions must peak at the very latest and begin reducing.


Minimum 30% reduction

By 2030 our city's emissions are reduced by at least 30%.


See what makes up Hamilton's emissions


Minimum 82% reduction

By 2050 our city's emissions are reduced by at least 82%.


See what makes up Hamilton's emissions

Our Council operational emissions:


50% reduction

By 2030, emissions made by council operations have been cut by at least 50%.


See what makes up Council's emissions


Net zero emissions

By 2050 Council produces net zero emissions.


See what makes up Council's emissions

Who is involved

Our Climate Future: Te Pae Tawhiti o Kirikiriroa was developed using insights from previous engagement with community and businesses on climate change. The Strategy was produced through collaboration with Elected Members and key staff at Council, with further input from stakeholder workshops with mana whenua, key organisations and businesses, and the Voice of Hamilton Kirikiriroa panel.

Everybody has a role in responding to climate change. To achieve the vision and outcomes of the strategy, we’ll work with central Government, Waikato Regional Council and other territorial authorities; community groups, iwi and businesses; and the people of Hamilton.

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Last updated 28 September 2023