What is the Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy?

The Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy guides where, when and how Hamilton Kirikiriroa will grow over the next 50 years. 

It’s a refreshed approach to managing our urban growth and will help us grow well and deliver communities that improve the wellbeing of Hamiltonians.  

Our city currently has around 60,000 homes for around 180,000 people. It's projected that over the next 50 years these numbers will double to around 120,000 homes for about 310,000 people.  

The Strategy outlines what is key to our city's growth and what we need to invest in not only for Hamilton Kirikiriroa but also our wider regions, in collaboration with our Future Proof partners. 

Its key considerations as we grow are:

  • people at the heart
  • the health and wellbeing of the Waikato river
  • our environment
  • improved travel choices
  • climate change
  • working with our neighbours.

Our vision

Hamilton Kirikiriroa is the best place to live and work with connected, vibrant and prosperous communities  

Kaaore he taaone pai ake I Kirikiriroa hei nohonga, hei waahi mahi tahi ki ngaa hapori whitawhita me ngaa ha

The outcomes we want to achieve

Grow up and out from the central city

Our central city is the economic heart of the subregion. As well as providing a place for commercial, cultural and economic growth, it is also a place that thousands of people will one day call home.  

Grow along transport corridors

As we grow it's important that we make our city easy to get around. Outside of the central city we will promote investment, density and economic development along our key transport corridors.  

Support the development of quality greenfield neighborhoods

Hamilton Kirikiriroa is fortunate to have a good pipeline of greenfield growth areas which will one day be home for thousands of future Hamiltonians.  

Who's involved

The strategy was developed with our key stakeholders and partners, taking direction from national and regional policies and initiatives. Important factors such as climate change, the impact on the Waikato River and accessibility determined which growth areas should be prioritised.

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Last updated 28 September 2023