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Civic Square is a large, open, paved space in the heart of Hamilton’s central business district. The square sits right in front of our offices and there are park benches and trees dotted around the square.

Civic Square (and Garden Place) used to be a hill with a garden when the village of Hamilton was founded in 1864. The hill was dug out to become Council headquarters and Civic Square.


Weight limit

There is a weight limit for events at Civic Square so we cannot put heavy infrastructure in place here. The plaza adjacent to the entrance of our building can only hold up to 3000 people. The area beyond the plaza entrance is limited to 1100 people. 


There’s no on-site parking for event organisers, but you can drive into Civic Square to load and unload equipment for your event (taking note of the weight limit).

You’ll need a parking permit from our reception first if you want to park for any length of time (including unloading). 


There are multiple toilets nearby but not directly on-site.

Suitable for


Festivals that don't require heavy infrastructure

Outdoor moivies

Outdoor shows

Pop-up markets

Booking enquiry

You can book any venue or location listed here for a big or small event.

If you’re planning an event with any of items listed below, you’ll need to apply for an event permit:

● inflatables e.g. bouncy castle
● amusement devices
● more than 100 people
● food stalls
● bands/DJs
● marquee
● stage
● ​road closure.

You do not need an event permit if you are planning a casual event that will not include any of the above. However, you will need to apply to book a park or reserve for your casual event.

Apply for an event permit

City Events

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