This dashboard shows greenfield areas (outside the currently built up city) which are ready to be developed for housing.

These areas are zoned residential and have large scale Council infrastructure (like pipes and roads) at the gate, but developers would need to put in the local infrastructure in order to build houses. These areas shaded green in the dashboard and are called “developer-ready land”.

The areas shaded yellow show land that is “developer-ready” but has some constraints that may limit or delay development of that land. For example where development depends on agreement of another landowner, limitations under District Plan provisions, or where it is understood that a developer does not intend to develop.

*The data behind this dashboard is updated quarterly to monitor uptake using CCCs, resource and subdivision consents.

The number of houses we could expect in some of our key growth cells – Peacocke, Rototuna, Rotokauri and Ruakura - and displayed on the dashboard, are calculated using developer plans (when available), District Plan zone density assumptions and the types of houses in the surrounding areas.

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Last updated 1 July 2022