We keep a record of how many sections are given resource consent, and then receive title, for housing in our city. This is known as ‘residential land supply’ and tells us how much land we have that is ready for housing to be built. You can view the trends by year, suburb or developer.

Here’s the types of sections we look at:

  • Freehold – this is the most common type of property ownership in New Zealand. It means you own all the land and any buildings that are built on it.
  • SHA Freehold – these sections are on zones that Council permitted to become Special Housing Areas (SHAs). SHAs are areas of land that can have a range of housing types and section sizes to encourage the market to deliver housing at different price points.
  • Unit titles – is a type of property ownership common in apartment buildings. It means you own the self-contained space of the apartment and share the ownership of the land with other owners in the same building.
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Last updated 1 July 2022