​We keep a record of the different types of housing that is built in our city. The below dashboard looks at trends over the past decade.

Here’s the types of housing we look at:

  • Apartment – this includes buildings with fully self-contained units over three storeys with a horizontal firewall between each storey.
  • Detached – this is your average standalone house, ancillary unit or granny flat.
  • Attached – this includes houses that share a wall like duplexes, townhouses, flats, units and retirement village units.

The current Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy targeted a balance between 50 percent infill housing (in existing neighbourhoods) and 50 percent greenfield housing (new housing areas). We’re very close to our target!

The significant increase in attached housing is mainly due to a District Plan review in 2015 which allowed duplexes in the city.

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Last updated 1 July 2022