Are you feeling unsafe?

If you are feeling unsafe or want to report nuisance or anti-social behaviour

Call 0800 723 324

If you or someone are in danger or there is an emergency call 111

What do we do?

City Safe patrol

Our officers patrol the central city during the day as well as Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

You'll recognise our officers by their highly visual uniforms. They're there to deal with any nuisance or antisocial behaviour.

The team also works with youth and other members of the public who use the Transport Centre, to ensure everyone feels safe.

Suburban Response Team

Suburban Response Team officers visit the suburbs around Hamilton to support local businesses and help reinforce messages around safety, such as how to deal with nuisance behaviour, beggars, etc.

This service is free of charge, operated seven days a week and is primarily for suburban businesses offering support, presentations and materials to help keep you safe.

The team deals with nuisance behaviour not criminal behaviour. If you witness criminal behaviour or acts, please call 111 in the first instance.

Contact our Suburban Response Team

Call 0800 723 324

Text 027 808 8147

Graffiti - ‚Äč0800 TAGBUSTERS

Our Tagbusters team work 24/7 to keep Hamilton beautiful, and they try ensure graffiti, tagging, and vandalism is removed two working days after being reported.

The team also works proactively with businesses and the community to help address vandalism, including our mural programme; working with artists to paint murals on some of the more tagged public sites; bus shelters, buildings and public toilets.

Report graffiti

Avoid being a target

There are some things you can do to protect yourself and your community:

  • Paint your fences and walls in dark colours that will cover in one coat, unpainted fences are a great target for taggers.
  • Plant small trees or shrubs along fence lines to minimise surfaces that can be vandalised.
  • Report and remove tagging as soon as it appears.
  • Join a Neighbourhood Support Group.


Hamilton has an extensive camera coverage in the Central Business District. Our team monitors the cameras 24/7 and coordinates with patrol officers and police as required. 

Privacy is critical for us and CCTV camera footage is only provided to police.

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Last updated 13 June 2023