Hamilton's Annual Economic Report

Hamilton's Annual Economic Report was published in May 2023 and takes an in-depth look at Hamilton's economy, development and people for the 2022 year, and gives our economic outlook for 2023.

The only one of its kind for Hamilton, the report includes information from Council's own rich data sources as well as from organisations including Statistics New Zealand and Infometrics.

The report shows how Hamilton's diverse economy has helped it weather the pandemic better than New Zealand's other major cities, with continued growth in its economy, population and housing.

Latest economic data

As well as our annual reports, we have access to up-to-date economic data for our city. Some of this is shown on the dashboards below.

Helpful tips to use these dashboards:

  • Numbers in red show that the situation is getting worse, while the numbers in green indicate an improvement.
  • For more information on the data source, hover over the ? on the right hand corner of each box.
  • Because all the information comes in at different times, some of the numbers below are not comparable. Make sure you check the dates on each graph.

GDP and business units

This dashboard looks at the percentage change in Hamilton’s, and New Zealand’s, GDP compared to March the previous year. 
It also shows the number of businesses in Hamilton compared in February each year. The criteria to be included in this graph include businesses:
  • with annual expenses or sales subject to GST of $30,000 or more
  • with average employee count of three over a 12-month period
  • who are part of group of enterprises. 
You can choose to search both graphs by year, or by suburb in Hamilton, by clicking on the map on the right-hand side. 

Population estimates

This dashboard looks at the estimated population of Hamilton, and New Zealand, in June each year.

You can compare this by year, and by suburb, based on data we receive from Statistics New Zealand.  

Filled jobs and unemployment

This dashboard looks at the number of filled jobs in the city compared in March each year. You can choose to search by year or by suburb.

This does not indicate how many people have jobs, as some individuals may fill more than one job.

A second graph indicates unemployment levels in Hamilton (how many people are looking for a job) by quarter. You are not able to search by suburb on this graph. 

Need more information on these dashboards?

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Last updated 7 July 2022