Our focus remains on maintaining services to our communities as best as possible and working to keep our staff and community safe.

COVID-19, and other colds and flus, are still around and there might be staff shortages and reduced operating hours at times. While we have good planning in place to try and minimise any impact, this could affect our ability to continue some of our services to the community safely.

Below is a table of our main community services/facilities with a note of their status.

​Facility/Service ​Reduced hours/service ​Status
​Rubbish and recycling ​All collections may be delayed
​Water connections ​ ​Expect long delays on new connection applications
Gallagher Aquatic Centre  
​​Central Library
​Municipal Building / Customer Services
​Hamilton Zoo
​Hamilton Gardens  
​Waikato Museum
​Dinsdale Library
​Hillcrest Library
Glenview Library
​St Andrews Library
​​Chartwell Library
​Building unit and inspection services
​LIM applications
​Animal Education and Control
​Transport Centre
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Last updated 4 July 2022