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About Horiana

Noo Te Rohe Pootae ahau. I grew up in Fairfield and live with my whaanau in Te Papanui/Claudelands.
Council decisions impact whaanau Maaori, and despite Waikato-Tainui being the city’s biggest ratepayer, Maaori have historically been underrepresented. I spoke at council in support of the establishment of the Kirikiriroa Maaori Ward. I have stood as a General Ward candidate four times and know first-hand how difficult it is for Maaori candidates.

I have challenged council’s use of debt and rate increases for pet projects and opposed congestion-creating measures like excessive speedbumps and in-lane bus stops. I want whaanau to afford to stay in their homes and travel easily to work and school. During a financial crisis, taking money from household budgets should be Council’s last option.

After only one term, Maaori Wards are under threat. High voter turnout will demonstrate the importance of the Kirikiriroa Maaori Ward. Vote #1 Horiana Henderson.



What would be your top three priorities for Council in the next three years? Describe what you want Hamilton Kirikiriroa to be in 10 years' time.


  1. To be part of a council which gives effect to Te Tiriti and defends the Maaori Ward,
  2. Is fiscally responsible and accountable--a 97% rates hike over 5 years is untenable for many,
  3. To focus on enhancing people’s lives rather than causing traffic congestion and housing
    insecurity disruption and distress.

I want to see a Kirikiriroa that has firmly entrenched Maaori representation, boasts adequate housing and no longer accepts whaanau living in emergency accommodation, a city which is accountable to its people and spends their money with great care, a Kirikiriroa full of happy and empowered people.


What is the most important opportunity Hamilton Kirikiriroa should explore to mitigate climate change?


Council must explore open and authentic conversations with its community.
The people are the city’s greatest opportunity but instead of empowering and energising them to unified action, council’s approach has been to dismiss genuine concerns and instead impose its own agenda which based on public submissions about the Long-Term Plan have created great distress, anger and resentment within the community. Council needs to work with and not “do to” the people


If there was one thing you could change about Hamilton Kirikiriroa immediately, what would it be?


Thanks for the opportunity to dream big! Maaori make up nearly a quarter of the city’s population. Waikato-Tainui is the city’s biggest ratepayer. Maaori renters, homeowners, business owners and customers contribute significantly to our city coffers and assets both intellectually and physically.

Despite these contributions, Maaori representation and insight is routinely undervalued and has led to generations of inequitable outcomes for Maaori within the city. If I could magically change one thing it would be to correct the conditions--nearly 200 years in the making since Te Tiriti o Waitangi was signed--that impede Mana Maaori Motuhake, reo and tikanga.


What qualities would you bring to Council that will help our city thrive?


I have been actively involved in local politics since 2018, have made submissions (including speaking to Council in favour of the establishment of the Kirikiriroa Maaori Ward), run in 5 elections and came 3rd in the 2022 Mayoral race. I will bring the ability to walk in both Te Ao Maaori and the world of local politics.

I’m a qualified journalist and mum. Journalists ask the right questions to get to the core facts. Mums are future-focussed, manage budgets and know the difference between a necessity and a nice-to-have. These are all qualities that I will bring to Council.


Where can voters go to learn more about you?


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Horiana4Kirikiriroa

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