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Marian Ruri Waikato, Raukawa, Ngai Tūhoe
Meet a Wahine Māori dedicated to empowering Hamilton’s Māori community: A māmā, business-owner, and leader with a Masters in Business Administration, she blends transformational leadership with tūpuna wisdom. Well-connected within the community, she has built enduring relationships with Māori communities and numerous connections across Kirikiriroa. Her extensive network and deep-rooted ties enable her to advocate effectively for whānau wellbeing and Mana Māori Motuhake. She tirelessly creates pathways for rangatahi, helping them step into their greatness as future leaders of Aotearoa. Her experience in iwi governance, policy, and strategy, coupled with successful collaborations with local councils, showcases her ability to make impactful connections and address the unique challenges faced by Māori. Her vision for a sustainable Māori economy and stronger community engagement is a proven strategy for positive change. Vote for a candidate who understands our journey, champions our rangatahi, and fights for our aspirations.



What would be your top three priorities for Council in the next three years? Describe what you want Hamilton Kirikiriroa to be in 10 years' time.


Firstly, to ensure Hamilton City Council honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and oppose proposed changes by the current coalition government that undermine our sovereignty and exclude us from decision-making tables. Secondly, to improve access to affordable housing, understanding the challenges of rising rents and the high cost of living for whānau. Thirdly, to empower collective Māori capability, drawing on our unity to support initiatives that drive economic growth, cultural revitalisation, and rangatahi leadership. In 10 years, I envision Kirikiriroa as a place where Māori are celebrated, Māori potential is unleashed and every whānau is flourishing in safe and affordable housing.


What is the most important opportunity Hamilton Kirikiriroa should explore to mitigate climate change?


The most important opportunity Kirikiriroa should explore to mitigate climate change is integrating mātauranga Māori with modern sustainable practices. A major contributor to climate change here is transportation emissions. Promoting cycling, walking, and public transport can significantly reduce these emissions. By adopting a kaitiakitanga (guardianship) approach and incorporating kaupapa (principles), we can create initiatives that resonate with Māori values. Programmes like the "75 Hard" challenge can engage Māori through kaupapa, emphasising kaitiakitanga at no cost. This approach allows us to take immediate, impactful actions to combat climate change effectively and inclusively.


If there was one thing you could change about Hamilton Kirikiriroa immediately, what would it be?


If I could change one thing about Kirikiriroa immediately, it would be to enhance the visibility and celebration of Māori culture throughout the city. This could include more bilingual signage, public art installations reflecting our rich heritage, and events that bring diverse communities together to learn and celebrate te ao Māori. Doing so strengthens our collective identity and instils pride in all people living in Kirikiriroa. Promoting Māori culture will enrich the city's social fabric and foster a more inclusive and respectful community, benefiting everyone and honoring our shared heritage.


What qualities would you bring to Council that will help our city thrive?


Bring strong iwi Māori governance, strategy, and policy skills, ensuring I can step into this role and make an immediate impact. As a wahine Māori, I would complement the current Māori Ward councillor, offering a balanced and inclusive approach to representation. My experience as a Māori entrepreneur equips me to drive economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development. Additionally, I am a transformational leadership and empowerment coach, passionate about building leadership capabilities. I am committed to mentoring rangatahi, ensuring they are prepared for leadership roles, thereby fostering a continuous cycle of strong Māori leadership for the future.


Where can voters go to learn more about you?


Voters can learn more about me and my vision for Kirikiriroa by following my social media pages, and attending community events where I will be speaking and engaging with our whānau. I am always open to kōrero and look forward to connecting with you all to celebrate and promote Kirikiriroa.

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