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About Riki

Tainui me Te Arawa ngaa waka. Ngaati Raukawa me Te Arawa ngaa iwi. Ngaati Wehi Wehi me Whakaue me Pikiao ngaa hapu.
He whakapapa aano tooku ki Rarotonga hoki.
Manarangi me Bennett me Hakaraia ngaa whaanau. Tenei taatou katoa.

I’ve lived in Kirikiriroa for 20+ years so get our challenges, managed our city’s Bylaws/Policies for 4.5 years so understand this Council, graduated locally at Waikato with Masters of Law and Strategic Management, understand governance having been on Boards locally and believe the key to keeping rates affordable while maintaining service levels for our people is to partner more with our Community.

Most importantly, I’m standing in the Maaori Ward out of principle as I’m disappointed with the governments reintroduction of referendums on Maaori Wards. Councillors are elected by the whole community to make decisions, so if Councillors make a decision to have Maaori Wards it should stay that way!



What would be your top three priorities for Council in the next three years? Describe what you want Hamilton Kirikiriroa to be in 10 years' time.


I was a part of the team in Council in 2018 that established the Maangai Maaori model (meaning ‘voice of Maaori’) to represent iwi and maataa waka on Council committees and I believe that we can still provide more support for our Maangai. Ensuring that Council’s commitments to Te Tiriti are properly realised in Policies/Bylaws as they come up for review. Also pushing more initiatives around education in kura of Council's and it's role in our city. In 10 years, the hope is a flourishing city with people who are better connected with eachother and their whenua.


What is the most important opportunity Hamilton Kirikiriroa should explore to mitigate climate change?


Maa oo tatou takiwaa noohanga e ora ai te ao waro-hakahaka. Our neighbourhoods in the city need to enable low-carbon living which is why I believe we need the most important opportunity is to continue to create a 20-minute city of compact, connected and healthy neighbourhoods, with a focus on sustainable urban intensification. This will get Multi-modal transportation going.


If there was one thing you could change about Hamilton Kirikiriroa immediately, what would it be?


Making sure Maaori are best represented in Council’s decision making is not only about complying with Te Tiriti, it’s also an opportunity to make sure that our relationship with Maaori is one that all Hamiltonians can be proud of and benefit from. Therefore I would put more resourcing into He Pou Manawa Ora to better give effect to each pou for example in terms of History - invest
in celebrating local Maaori history/stories and Prosperity - reduce Maaori
housing stress supporting Te Maihi o te Whare Māori (Māori and iwi Housing Innovation Framework for Action) and working in partnership with others.


What qualities would you bring to Council that will help our city thrive?


The ability to hit the ground running. Candidates having visions of grandeur is great but the ability to execute is key given there is only 12 months remaining in the role. I was in charge of the Policies and
Bylaws for this Council for four years, working right across all areas of council and spending a lot of the time in the council's chambers with the mayor and elected members.

I have resided in Kirikiriroa Hamilton for 20 years, graduated locally and been involved in our local community at a governance level so I know first-hand the challenges and opportunities.


Where can voters go to learn more about you?


LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/rikimanarangi

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