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The Community and Natural Environment Committee is responsible for guiding and monitoring the provision of strategic community infrastructure and services to meet the current and future needs of the city and the enhanced wellbeing of its communities.

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The below reports are currently planned for discussion within this meeting:

Hamilton East and Frankton Neighbourhood Plans Update: 

The purpose of this report is to provide information and respond to the resolution for the Community Committee meeting dated 30 August 2022 “e) requests staff prepare a report on the current status and future of the Hamilton East and Frankton Neighbourhood Plans, and the plans’ alignment with the Central City and River Plan programme of work, at a future committee meeting in early 2023”.

Bylaw Review Initiation and Determination Report: 

To seek recommendation from the Community and Natural Environment Committee to the Council for approval to initiate the reviews on the following bylaws:

Cemeteries and Crematorium Bylaw 2012

Cultural and Recreational Facilities Bylaw 2012

Civil Defence Quarterly Report: 

To inform the Community and Natural Environment Committee on the progress of the shared service arrangement with Waikato Regional Council and the delivery of CDEM activity on behalf of Hamilton City Council.

General Managers Report: 

The purpose of the report is to provide information to Committee Members with updates on the items/topics/issues that do not warrant a separate report.

Please note that this list of reports is not final and may change prior to the meeting.


Want to know the outcomes of the meeting? You can watch the meeting live or watch a recording once the meeting is over below.  

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Just need to know the decisions? Read and download the minutes of the meeting as soon as they're available. We'll upload the draft, unconfirmed and confirmed minutes as soon as we can. 


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