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The Finance and Monitoring Committee is responsible for monitoring Council’s current financial strategy, and financial performance against the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan. As well as determining financial matters within its delegations and Terms of Reference and making recommendations to Council on financial matters outside its authority.

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The below reports are currently planned for discussion within this meeting: 

Chair's Report - That the Finance and Monitoring Committee received the report

Non-Financial Service Performance Measures - To inform the Finance and Monitoring Committee on the Non-Financial Service Performance results for the six months between July 2023 - December 2023 as related to year two of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan.

Financial Performance & Strategy Report to 31 January 2023 - To inform the Finance and Monitoring Committee on Council’s financial performance and strategy for the period ended 31 January 2023. To seek a recommendation from the Finance and Monitoring Committee that the Council approves the significant forecast adjustments as set out in this Report and the capital movement as set out in the Capital Portfolio Monitoring Report. "

Capital Portfolio Monitoring Report - To inform the Finance and Monitoring Committee on the financial performance of the capital portfolio for the seven months ended 31 January 2023.


Please note that this list of reports is not final and may change prior to the meeting. 


Want to know the outcomes of the meeting? You can watch the meeting live or watch a recording once the meeting is over below.  

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Just need to know the decisions? Read and download the minutes of the meeting as soon as they're available. We'll upload the draft, unconfirmed and confirmed minutes as soon as we can. 


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