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The governance structure including Council and Committees, broadly,  provides leadership and advocacy on behalf of the people of Hamilton. This includes making decisions on the vision for our city and specific powers granted under the Local Government Act 2002.

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The below reports are currently planned for discussion within this meeting: 

Shaws Bird Park Petition - To inform the Council of the petition received from Murray and Margaret Shaw concerning Shaws Bird Park. 

Three Waters Update - The purpose of this report is to update Elected Members and the community on developments in three waters reform since the last Council meeting.

Natural and Built Environment Bill and Spatial Planning Bill Submissions  - The purpose of this report is to provide information to elected members with an overview of key themes that will form the basis of Council’s submissions on the Natural and Built Environment Bill and the Spatial Planning Bill, which will replace the current Resource Management Act.

Please note that this list of reports is not final and may change prior to the meeting. 


Want to know the outcomes of the meeting? You can watch the meeting live or watch a recording once the meeting is over below.  

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Just need to know the decisions? Read and download the minutes of the meeting as soon as they're available. We'll upload the draft, unconfirmed and confirmed minutes as soon as we can. 


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