The Community and Natural Environment Committee is responsible for guiding and monitoring the provision of strategic community infrastructure and services to meet the current and future needs of the city and the enhanced wellbeing of its communities.


Councillor Kesh Naidoo-Rauf

Deputy Chair

Councillor Anna Casey-Cox


The Mayor and all Councillors


Two monthly


A majority of members (including vacancies)

The Community and Natural Environment Committee:

  • Provides direction on strategic priorities and resourcing for community infrastructure aligned to city’s overall development and oversight of strategic projects associated with those activities.
  • Develops policy, approves community-related strategies and plans, and monitors their implementation.
  • Receives and considers presentations and reports from stakeholders, government departments, organisations, and interest groups on community development and wellbeing issues and opportunities.
  • Monitors Hamilton’s social demographics and social climate to assess current and future impacts on the Council and Hamilton communities.
  • Monitors the performance of Hamilton’s civil defence and emergency management response against Council’s requirements under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act including:
    • implementation of Government requirements;
    • contractual service delivery arrangements with the Waikato Regional Group Emergency Management Office
  • Determines the funding priorities for the Community Grants Allocation Committees, in line with the Community Assistance Policy, Long Term Plan and Annual Plan.
  • Receives reports on the progress and performance of the City Investment Programme including the status of external funding applications at least six monthly.
  • Coordinates and makes decisions on proposals for the distribution of Council funding and funding provided to Council for public art, recreational and community facilities, and amenities.
  • Develops policy, approves, and monitors implementation of plans and strategies in relation to the performance of Council’s investments in the Domain Endowment Fund and strategic property.
  • Develops policy, approves strategies and plans for the sustainable use of Hamilton’s natural resources, and monitors their implementation as identified in this terms of reference.
  • Develops policy, approves strategies and plans for Council’s corporate environmental sustainability, and monitors their implementation.
  • Develops policy, approves strategies and plans for Council’s biodiversity, and monitors their implementation.

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Last updated 5 December 2022