Hamilton is a city on the rise. People want to live, work, play and do business here, and the city’s Gross Domestic Product has been above the New Zealand average since 2017. 


Councillor Ewan Wilson

Deputy Chair

Councillor Mark Donovan


The Mayor and all Councillors


Two monthly


A majority of members (including vacancies)

 The Economic Development Committee:

  • Drives and enhances Hamilton’s economic position by actively promoting Hamilton.
  • Promotes investment and business attraction opportunities for Hamilton and the greater Waikato region.
  • Provides advice on strategic initiatives, plans, projects and potential property developments that have a material impact upon the Hamilton economy.
  • Develops, reviews and monitors the implementation of the Economic Development Agenda.
  • Recommends funding levels for service contracts with Business Improvement District(s), Hamilton and Waikato Tourism and Te Waka, and any others subject to funding approval by Council through the Councils long-term plan process, and approve said contracts with relevant third parties.
  • Monitors the performance and provide guidance on Council’s relationship with key stakeholders including, but not limited to Te Waka, Hamilton Waikato Tourism and the Hamilton Central Business Association.
  • Monitors the performance of Council’s major event venues operation (H3).
  • Reviews and monitors the implementation of Council’s Event Sponsorship Policy.
  • Approves annual Event Sponsorship funding applications and monitor any grants made to external organisations under the terms of the Event Sponsorship Policy.
  • Supports and assists with efforts for external partnerships on Council projects that will provide economic development opportunities for Hamilton and the region.
  • Develops and monitors policy related to the appointment and remuneration of directors of CCOs, CCTOs, and COs.
  • Provides clear direction to Council’s CCOs, CCTOs, and COs on Council’s expectations, including feedback on draft statements of intent.
  • Receives six-monthly reports of Council’s CCOs, CCTOs, and COs, including on board performance.
  • Undertakes any reviews of CCOs and CCTOs and agree CCO/CCTO-proposed changes to their governance arrangements
  • Develops policy, approves and monitors the implementation of plans and strategies in relation to the performance of Council’s investments in the Municipal Endowment Fund and strategic property.

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Last updated 9 October 2023