A thriving, healthy natural environment improves our wellbeing, boosts the economy, and helps deal with a changing climate. It’s also an important part of Maaori culture. 

The Environment Committee provides guidance and oversight of Council’s strategies, policies and plans relating to the wellbeing, protection, enhancement and sustainability of the city’s natural environment.


Councillor Martin Gallagher

Deputy Chair

Councillor Sarah Thomson


Councillor Mark Bunting

Councillor Angela O'Leary
Councillor Kesh Naidoo-Rauf

Councillor Dave Macpherson

Councillor Ewan Wilson

Councillor Mark Donovan

Mayor Paula Southgate (ex officio)

Maangai Maaori Norm Hill


As required, but at least four times a year


A majority of members (including vacancies)


The Environment Committee:

  • develops Council’s approach and response to climate change and the sustainable use of the city’s natural resources 
  • develops Council’s corporate environmental sustainability
  • develops policies and strategies for efficient and sustainable waste management and recycling 
  • guides Council’s biodiversity planning.
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Last updated 15 June 2022