Councillor Sarah Thomson

Deputy Chair

Councillor Geoff Taylor


The Mayor and all Councillors


Two monthly


A majority of members (including vacancies)

The Strategic Growth and District Plan Committee:

  • Monitor and provides advice on the overall development and implementation of urban growth and development strategies, strategic land use, and spatial plans (e.g. Hamilton to Auckland Corridor and Hamilton-Waikato Metropolitan Spatial Plan), and long-term network infrastructure planning in line with national policy requirements.
  • Provides direction and monitor Council’s approach to the levying and use of rates for growth, as well as development contributions.
  • Provides direction on and assess proposals for seeking alternative funding models, such as special purpose vehicles and infrastructure funding and financing.
  • Provides direction on strategic priorities for network infrastructure aligned to city development, and oversight of strategic projects associated with those activities.
  • Provides advice on the development and implementation of the Long Term Infrastructure Strategy.
  • Assesses proposals for Private Developer Agreements that exceed the Chief Executive’s delegations for Unfunded Growth Projects 1 and, if appropriate for Unfunded Growth Projects1, to recommend such agreements to the Council for approval.
  • Provide direction regarding Council’s involvement in and with Urban Development Authorities, regional alliances, plans, initiatives, and forums for spatial planning (for example, Future Proof, strategic boundary land use agreements and joint council growth related discussions).
  • Considers the impacts of land use and urban development on the environment.
  • Provides clear direction on Council’s strategic priorities to organisations and groups, for which Council facilitates funding, aligned with these Terms of Reference, and to oversee those funding arrangements and receive their strategic and business plans and annual performance reports.
  • Provides and approves broad strategic direction to inform and guide the development of the District Plan amendments programme of work.
  • Prepares and approves a draft set of District Plan amendments for the purpose of obtaining initial feedback and comment from the community, stakeholder, and tangata whenua groups.
  • Recommends any proposed District Plan amendments to the Council for adoption and release for formal notification.
  • Provides regular updates to the Council on the progress of the District Plan amendments programme of work.
  • Appoints representation to relevant regional strategy groups as required.

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Last updated 9 October 2023