Hamilton City Council manages billions of dollars’ worth of assets on behalf of its communities and provides services to 170,000 residents. 

The Strategic Risk and Assurance Committee provides effective and transparent governance of Council’s management of these assets, its financial and non-financial risks, and engagement with internal and external audit processes.


Keiran Horne (external appointee)

Deputy Chair

Bruce Robertson (external appointee)


Mayor Paula Southgate

Finance Committee Chair, Councillor Rob Pascoe

Strategic Growth Committee Chair, Councillor Dave Macpherson

Infrastructure Operations Committee Chair, Councillor Angela O’Leary

Community Committee Chair, Councillor Mark Bunting


As required, but at least four times a year


Four members (including an external appointee)


The Strategic Risk and Assurance Committee:

  • provides objective advice and recommendations to the governing body on Council’s risk management and assurance framework, and external reporting
  • reviews related Council policies including those around risk management, conflicts of interest and sensitive expenditure
  • monitors emerging risks and does periodic in-depth reviews of specific significant risks
  • reviews the adequacy of Council’s risk mitigation actions and insurance policies
  • engages with Council’s external auditors 
  • reviews the effectiveness of the Long-Term Plan and Annual Plan audits.​

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Last updated 15 June 2022