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Over the next 3 days, nearly 200 of the 3000 submitters will present their views to Council on Hamilton’s Draft Long Term Plan.

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate believes this is an important part of our democratic process. “I will absolutely be listening closely to the public’s feedback, ahead of proposing a final budget in June,” said Southgate.

“I've read the public’s submissions and look forward to hearing further views on our city’s future. It’s clear to me that Hamiltonians want us to focus on core services and do them well.”

“We know it’s incredibly tough for households and businesses. Everyone is grappling with increased costs and higher interest rates. Hamilton City Council faces these very same pressures. It won’t be easy, and we don’t have a magic wand.”

“The base budget had already made significant savings, however the community has asked us to find further savings and we must do what we can.”

“At the same time, we cannot take our city backwards or run it into the ground. There needs to be a balance. I have always said Hamiltonians deserve a tidy, well looked after city with connected, vibrant, and prosperous communities.”

“We should be proud of how far we have come. People are choosing to live, work and invest here. We are now the fastest growing city in the country. This is good for our economy and a sign of our success.” 

“I look forward to seeing where we get to and will be working to strike a balance that serves the best interests of our city.”


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