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Hamilton City Council will meet under urgency next week to discuss a potential stimulus package and hardship response to COVID-19.

On Tuesday Councillors instructed staff to find “creative” ways in which the Council can best support the Hamilton community, socially and economically.

The Extraordinary meeting of Council next Thursday will discuss a specific hardship package being pulled together now. It is likely to include help and support for small business, bringing forward planned infrastructure projects in the city and a complete readjustment of the Council’s priorities.

Staff had also been instructed to consider ways to strengthen community outreach and provide support for those in the city who were most vulnerable.

Work is already underway to ensure Hamilton projects are on the list to be fast-tracked as part of the Government’s wider economic stimulus measures announced this week. That work is being undertaken separately and will not be part of discussions on Thursday.

Mayor Paula Southgate said she was looking for the best and most targeted measures to help the wider community.

“We know people are hurting and we will be responding as quickly and as fully as we can. I want to see a comprehensive package for Councillors to consider so we can make decisions about where to put our resources.”


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