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While most Hamiltonians will enjoy a long weekend, our hard-working contractors will be busy collecting rubbish and recycling around the city.

Hamilton City Council’s Sustainable Resource Recovery Unit Director, Tania Hermann, said kerbside services will operate as normal on Good Friday (29 March) and Easter Monday (1 April). 

Please pop your bins out as usual by 7am on your normal collection day. 

“If sleeping in is on the agenda for either of those public holidays, or you plan to go away, put them out the evening before so your bins don’t get missed,” said Hermann.  

With people at home more during public holidays and school holidays, rubbish can easily increase.   

Using the food scraps bin, yellow bin and glass crate is an easy way for each household to participate in waste reduction. In December 2023, Hamiltonians saved a massive 331,000kg of food waste, 272,000kg of glass, and 667,000kg of recycling from landfill by using kerbside services.  

“We’re passionate about reducing waste to landfill and we love to see Hamiltonians using their yellow bins, food scraps bins and glass crates,” said Hermann.  

“Just make sure to use each bin correctly. Only use your yellow bin for clean plastics labelled 1, 2 and 5, paper and cardboard and rinsed cans and tins. This helps ensure what is recyclable can get recycled, instead of sending it to landfill because it’s contaminated with dirty recyclables and rubbish.”  

Not sure which day your bins should go out? Use the address finder on or download Antenno, the free mobile app, which gives notifications straight to your phone about your collection days. 


Public holiday opening hours for the Lincoln Street Reuse Store, Resource Recovery Centre and the Hamilton Organic Centre are: 

Lincoln Street Habitat for Humanity Reuse store 

  • Good Friday 29 March: CLOSED  
  • Saturday 30 March: 8am – 4pm  
  • Sunday 31 March: CLOSED  
  • Monday 1 April: 9am – 4pm  

Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre  

  • Good Friday 29 March: CLOSED  
  • Saturday 30 March: 7.30am – 4.30pm   
  • Sunday 31 March: 9am – 4pm  
  • Monday 1 April: 9am – 4pm   

Hamilton Organic Centre  

  • Good Friday 29 March: CLOSED  
  • Saturday 30 March, Sunday 31 March, Monday 1 April: 8am – 4.45pm  


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