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Hamilton City Council is asking for feedback on the proposed changes to the Open Space Provision Policy.

The current policy was adopted in 2018. The policy guides Council in how we provide open spaces for the community, and how we make decisions on planning for the future and purchasing or selling open spaces.  

The policy has some key changes. These include:  

  • reducing the walking distance targets for neighbourhood and community parks, in medium and high-density residential areas
  • the inclusion of a policy aiming for Council to purchase land for parks early, when possible, to reduce the cost for ratepayers and developers.

The changes reflect the changing urban environment of Hamilton Kirikiriroa, which the policy needs to adapt to. The demand for open spaces across the city will be impacted by Hamilton’s increasing population, new Council strategies, and the increasing value of land.

Learn more and have your say:

  • online at
  • at your local library or the Council Municipal Building
  • by requesting a hard copy to be sent to you.

Submissions can be made from Tuesday 5 September to Tuesday 3 October 2023. 


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