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Hamilton City Council is asking for feedback on proposed changes to its Trade Waste and Wastewater Bylaw.

The Trade Waste and Wastewater Bylaw, developed in 2016, aims to better protect the city’s wastewater network, prevent overflows and protect our important wastewater treatment process.

The Bylaw sets out what is and is not allowed into the city’s wastewater network. It gives clarity on everyone’s responsibilities in using the wastewater system. It provides clear direction to trade waste consent holders and tanker waste operators on their responsibilities for how trade waste is disposed of into the wastewater system.

Council is required to regularly review all our bylaws to ensure they are fit for purpose. This Bylaw was first adopted in 2016 and is now up for review.

“The current Bylaw provides Council with a framework to manage discharges to the network,” says Council’s Three Waters Unit Director Maire Porter.

“This review provides an opportunity for the Council to check in on how it’s working.”

As part of the review, we asked for feedback from trade waste consent holders and tanker waste operators, as well as Regional Council and iwi, to ensure the Bylaw is fit for purpose and protects and respects our waterways.

The feedback identified a few minor issues which we think can be managed within the Bylaw as it is, or through other Council processes. As a result of the review, we propose to only make minor changes, to ensure the Bylaw meets legislative changes that have occurred since 2016.

Government’s Three Waters Reform shifts responsibility for Three Waters Services from councils to new entities from 1 July 2024. Legislation to enable the entities came into force in December 2022, with further legislation is going through Parliamentary processes.

Council bylaws relating to management and provision of water services could be managed differently under the new entity structure.

If more significant changes were made to the Bylaw, this would incur additional cost and time, resulting in a Bylaw which may be managed differently under new structures soon after. Only making minor changes to the existing Bylaw would maintain Council’s ability to manage trade waste until legislative powers are transferred to the new entity. Should there be any change to Government’s timelines or direction for the Three Waters Reform, Council has the option to revisit the Bylaw at any time.

The scope of the Bylaw includes mortuary waste, which is discharged into the wastewater system. As part of the review, Council hasn't made any changes to how mortuary waste is currently managed. We will be working with industry and iwi partners to investigate if there are other ways to manage this kind of waste.

We want to know what you think about our proposal to roll the Bylaw over, with minor changes. You can provide feedback from now until 17 March 2023.

You can see the full Bylaw online or read a hard copy at the Hamilton City Council offices at 260 Anglesea Street or any Hamilton City Libraries branch.

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