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Despite its unfair reputation as a cow-town – it’s not often you come across the dairy giants wandering inside Hamilton’s city boundaries.

But that’s exactly what happened to Hamilton City Council’s animal education and control team when a small herd of cows were discovered in Rotokauri this week.

Half a dozen cows were found wandering between Lee Road and Wintec’s Rotokauri Campus with no clear owners or identification tags. The cows are black and brown and white, and a mixture of heifers and bulls.

Animal Education and Control Manager Susan Stanford said despite being surrounded by rural areas, it was quite unusual to see cows in the city boundaries.

“While we traditionally have a rural reputation – there’s very little farmland in Hamilton, so it’s not something we see very often.

“If you have lost some cows and believe these may be yours then please get in touch with us as soon as possible.”

People who think the animals belong to them should call 07 838 6632 and provide evidence of ownership.

Under the Impounding Act 1955, Council will hold the cows in the stock pound for seven days for the owner to claim them.


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