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There is a new way to experience the award-winning Hamilton Gardens with the launch of audio tours.

The $10 audio tour guides visitors through the various themed gardens, including the popular Italian Renaissance Garden, the Surrealist Garden, and the newest garden in the collection - The Ancient Egyptian Garden. 

"We are thrilled to launch the new audio tour, which allows our visitors to engage with the gardens in a whole new way," said Lucy Ryan, Director of Hamilton Gardens.  

“Whether you listen to all the stories or just the ones that pique your interest, the new audio tour is designed to help bring the stories of the gardens to life” said Ryan.  

Featuring high-quality narration, music, and sound effects it provides insight into each gardens’ design and history, cultural significance and highlights the unique features and design elements that make them so visually stunning. 

"We hope that the new audio tour will provide visitors with a deeper appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the gardens and inspire them to learn more about the different cultures and civilizations they represent," said Ryan. 

The new audio tour is now available to all visitors of Hamilton Gardens and can be booked online at or hired from the Hamilton Gardens Visitor Centre between 9am and 5pm (last hire at 3pm). 


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