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Hamilton City Council has agreed on an improved process for transport projects, following direction from Mayor Paula Southgate, and Deputy Mayor and Chair of Infrastructure and Transport Committee, Angela O’Leary.

The new process, approved by the Infrastructure and Transport Committee on 2 May, was prompted by strong feedback from the community, and will involve a more rigorous analysis of the rationale for transport projects.

Deputy Mayor and Chair of Infrastructure and Transport Committee, Angela O’Leary, said “We’ve heard the community and have taken action, to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of our city’s residents.” 

Under the new framework, transport projects will be grouped into three categories: essential, renewal and maintenance, and improvement.

Essential projects are vital for maintaining the basic functionality and safety of our transportation infrastructure, such as footpath/street upgrades, refreshing road marking, upgrading or replacing street lighting. 

Renewal projects include revitalising existing infrastructure and enhancing sustainability.

Improvement projects aim to enhance the overall quality and usability of our transportation systems, for example crossing and intersection improvements, and changes to road layouts.

These projects will continue to follow a simple process for approval and include timely communications, targeted at people directly affected by the work. 

Improvement and major projects, including significant transport network upgrades or work where multiple changes are proposed in one project, will be put through a much more rigorous test, so Elected Members have the full picture before making a final decision. 

Appropriate community engagement, and feedback from the public will be critical to help shape the project options. 

O’Leary said “Our decisions are guided by what serves the community’s best interests and enhances their quality of life. We welcome continued feedback to ensure our transport plans are fit for purpose.”


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