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Public holidays will not impact our kerbside collections. Our hard-working contractors will still be collecting bins as usual on ANZAC Day (Tuesday 25 April 2023).

Kerbside collections have been uninterrupted for almost 12 months. Trent Fowles, Council’s Sustainable Resource Recovery Service Delivery Manager said it suits our kerbside contractors best to work Monday to Friday, rather than trying to shift things around for the holidays or weekends.  

“Collecting the city’s kerbside rubbish and recycling is physically demanding. The collections team prefer to keep the weekend clear so they can start each week well rested,” he said.   

If you have a missed collection, aren’t sure what items go into each bin, or aren’t sure which day of the week your bins are collected, check out our dedicated kerbside and waste reducing website  

You can also use the Antenno App to receive reminders about kerbside collections, to log missed collections or report illegal rubbish dumping. Antenno and can be downloaded for free from Google Play or App Store.   

If you have excess waste, green waste, recycling or items to donate, these are the operating times for the following facilities:  

Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre  

ANZAC Day 25 April: 9am – 4pm 

Wickham Street Organic Centre 

ANZAC Day 25 April: 8am – 5pm    

Lincoln Street Habitat for Humanity ReUse Store 

ANZAC Day 25 April: 1pm – 4pm  


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