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In September, Hamiltonians saved more waste from landfill through the Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre than any other month previously recorded at the site.

Out of the 2,649,000kg of material dropped off at the Resource Recovery Centre in September, 663,000kg was repurposed, a 25% increase from the same time last year and more than 580,000kgs of green waste diverted from the Wickham Street Organic Centre.

One of the aims from Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan for 2018-24 is to use the two centres to save 16,000,000kg of waste from going to landfill.

From June 2021 to June 2022, Hamiltonians saved 13,393,000kg of waste from landfill by taking their unwanted items to the two centres.

Resource Recovery Delivery manager Trent Fowles said the record amount in September was a huge win for Hamilton and he hoped residents would continue to use the centres to continue to fight the landfill.

He said a massive 300,000kg of wood disposed of at the Resource Recovery Centre was the main reason for the increase. Any wood dropped off at the centre is collected by an Auckland based company and repurposed into biofuel.

“It’s great to see the innovation available in New Zealand that keeps items out of landfill,” he said.

“As a country we are still really young when it comes to waste minimisation, so it’s an exciting space to grow as we all become more aware of what we can do with things generally ‘wasted’.”

Fowles said aside from hazardous waste, general rubbish and damaged household goods, everything else dropped off at the Resource Recovery Centre is able to have a second life through being stripped for parts or recycled.

“While many unwanted items left at the Resource Recovery Centre are generally called ‘waste’, they are far from being wasted.

“The majority of items being left there are able to be repurposed, recycled or rehomed. This gives everyone an opportunity to get involved in waste minimisation and do their part in supporting the environment and working towards making Hamilton a green city.”

Other material saved from landfill through the Resource recovery Centre in September included cardboard (44,000kg), glass (61,000kg), concrete (31,000 kg), plasterboard (28,100kg), steel (92,000kg) and green waste (59,000kg).


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