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It's lit! Floodlighting installed at Korikori Park in Rototuna North, Porritt Stadium in Chartwell, and Gower Park near Hamilton Lake, marks the completion of the first stage of upgrades at six sports fields across the city. These upgrades are working towards creating a citywide network of high-quality sporting facilities for the community and visiting teams to use and enjoy.

Mayor Paula Southgate said the floodlighting will make more of our sports fields usable for longer, in particular by those in our community who may previously have felt unsafe outside at night.

“Having the opportunity to play sport helps shape thriving, healthy, vibrant cities, and these upgrades will see more Hamiltonians getting involved and enjoying our city’s fabulous sporting fields and facilities,” said Mayor Southgate.

Stage one of the project focused on installing floodlighting at the three parks across the city. Stage two and three will see a further three sports parks – Ashurst Park, Galloway Park and Flynn Park – receive floodlighting, with 21 fields in total being lit up by the end of the project.

Hamilton City Council’s Unit Director - Parks and Recreation, Maria Barrie, said that the addition of this floodlighting changes the game for those in our community and clubs who previously couldn’t use the fields on winter weeknights.

“The first three park upgrades alone have gone a long way towards reducing the current deficit of available training time across the city,” she said. “The upgrades coming to the fields at Ashurst Park, Galloway Park and Flynn Park next year will reduce this even further, allowing Hamiltonians to enjoy our outdoor spaces and to get active for longer.”

Council secured a total of $2.3m through our key partners and investors to support this project. Funding partners include Trust Waikato (our founding project partner), Lottery Grants Board, WEL Energy Trust, and the Ministry of Business and Innovation.

The upgrades have been completed just in time for teams competing in the first FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Play Off Tournament to use these fields to train and put their best foot forward. The tournament is set to kick off on Friday 17 February with an opening friendly match between New Zealand and Portugal.


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