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Seven climate friendly transport projects were given the go ahead at the Infrastructure and Transport Committee today. The Committee also approved public consultation on the city’s Water Supply Bylaw, and agreed to recommend to Council that it approves the 2024 Hamilton Speed Management Plan.

Climate Emergency Response Fund Transport Choices Package

The Infrastructure and Transport Committee reviewed an update on Hamilton’s Transport Choices programme and made decisions on the final set of projects which will now progress to construction phase. A notice of motion to revoke a previous decision concerning Horsham Downs Road did not pass.  

All Transport Choices projects must be completed by June 2024. Transport Choices is largely funded by the Climate Emergency Response Fund which is administered by Waka Kotahi.  

View more details about today’s Climate Emergency Response Fund Transport Choices Packages decisions here.


Water Supply Bylaw up for 10-year review 

Council will be seeking public feedback on the Water Supply Bylaw from 3 October to 6 November 2023 after it was approved for consultation in today’s Infrastructure and Transport Committee meeting.

Councillors were in unanimous agreement that the Bylaw is still the best way to manage and protect the city’s drinking water.

However, some minor changes have been proposed to keep the Bylaw up to date and relevant. Changes in the pipeline include updating references to legislation since the Water Supply Bylaw was last adopted in 2013, aligning with other Council bylaws and policies, and referencing Te Ture Whaimana o Te Awa o Waikato – the vision and strategy for the Waikato River, where our treated drinking water gets drawn from.

Members of the public are encouraged to have their say on how Council manages the city’s water supply during the consultation period at or by picking up a hard copy from Council’s office or any of the public libraries. Following community feedback, the Bylaw will be revised and put in front of councillors for formal adoption early next year. 


2024 Hamilton Speed Management Plan 

The Infrastructure and Transport Committee agreed to recommend that the Council approve the proposed 2024 Hamilton Speed Management Plan.

The draft 2024 Hamilton Speed Management Plan has been prepared to specifically cover the proposed speed management activities planned for the 2024-27 period. It is based on the 2022 Hamilton Speed Management Plan, with minor amendments to ensure it aligns with the refreshed Access Hamilton strategy, Waka Kotahi Speed Management Guide: Road to Zero edition, and the One Network Framework approach, and meets the requirements of the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022. Other updates include incorporating speed limit changes around Marae, new safer speed areas, and new roads created and proposed throughout the city.

Public consultation on the draft 2024 Hamilton Speed Management Plan Review was carried out between 7 June to 5 July 2023, with 113 submissions received and nine submitters presenting to the 2023 Traffic, Speed Limit and Road Closures Hearing Panel meeting on 8 August.

Following approval from Council, the draft 2024 Hamilton Speed Management Plan will be submitted to Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency for certification in accordance with the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022. It is possible that minor amendments may be recommended by Waka Kotahi as part of the certification process.

Funding for the implementation of the 2024 Speed Management Plan will be considered as part of the development of the 2024-2034 Long Term Plan.  Physical works would be funded from within the Low Cost Low Risk programme which receives 51% co-investment from Waka Kotahi. 

The Speed Management Plan supports the delivery of the Access Hamilton strategy’s objectives of ‘a safe transport system’ and ‘genuine travel choices’.

The next Infrastructure and Transport Committee meeting will be on 9 November 2023.


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