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Autumn and early winter are colourful times of the year in Hamilton – and busy ones too, as around 400,000kgs of fallen leaves are swept up and collected from our streets.

Our Connect Hamilton team focus on known leaf fall hotspots which are checked once or twice a week and swept as necessary. Residents living on these hotspot streets can make our sweeping efforts easier by parking their vehicles on their property or on nearby side streets.

Outside of our leaf fall hotspots, our team monitor weather warnings daily and inspect and clear catchpits as needed to minimise the risk of flooding caused by leaf fall.

With this being peak leaf fall season, Connect Hamilton have added an additional sweeper truck and extra staff to keep up with the high demand for its services.

People can report blocked catchpits by contacting Council’s Customer Service team on ph (07) 838 6699 or alert us on the Antenno app.

Residents are strongly encouraged to dispose of leaves on their own property rather than blow leaves onto the street where they can potentially block catchpits.  

Some creative uses for leaf litter include:

  • Compost: when mixed with grass clippings or composted manure, leaves break down into a rich compost.
  • Mulch: Collect fallen leaves with your lawn mower and spread it over garden beds. As well as enriching the soil, the mulched leaves will help control weed growth.

Streets inspected and cleared as necessary twice a week during the high leaf fall period:

  • Albert Street
  • Firth Street
  • Hillsborough Terrace
  • Hudson Street
  • Hunter Street
  • Kitchener Street
  • Norton Road (by Founders Theatre)
  • O’Neill Street
  • Oakley Avenue
  • Stanley Street
  • Tristram Street
  • Thames Street
  • Victoria Street (BP service station to Fairfield Bridge)

Streets inspected and cleared as necessary once a week during the high leaf fall period:

  • Abbottsford Street
  • Aberdeen Drive
  • Awatere Street
  • Azimuth Place
  • Banbury Crescent
  • Beale Street
  • Beatty Street
  • Boundary Road
  • Braid Road
  • Brookfield Street
  • Caernarvon Street
  • Charlemont Street
  • Clarkin Road
  • Clyde Street
  • Commodore Avenue
  • Constance Place
  • Crosby Road
  • Endeavour Avenue
  • Fairfield Road
  • Flynn Road
  • Fox Street
  • Galloway Street - Naylor Street corner
  • Garnett Avenue
  • George Street
  • Gilchrist Street
  • Gillies Avenue
  • Grantham Street
  • Halcione Close
  • Helena Road and Liston Crescent
  • Hillcrest Road
  • Hukanui Road
  • Insoll Avenue
  • Joanna Place
  • Jones Crescent 
  • Knighton Road
  • Lake Domain Drive
  • Lancaster Street
  • Livingstone Avenue
  • Maeroa Road
  • Mardon Road
  • Masters Avenue
  • Memorial Drive
  • Oakfield Crescent
  • River Road (parts)
  • Peachgrove Road
  • Plunket Terrace
  • Poaka Avenue
  • Pulham Crescent
  • Puutikitiki Street
  • Queenwood Avenue
  • Scott Avenue
  • Spinnaker Drive
  • Strowan Avenue
  • Te Aroha Street
  • Victoria Street - corner of Edgecumbe Street
  • Waterford Road
  • Wellington Street
  • Whyte Street
  • Willoughby Street
  • Wilson Street
  • Woodland Drive
  • Young Street 


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